I’m Neha Kale, a freelance writer and editor-at-large of VAULT magazine.

My work mostly focuses on art, culture, people and places and my essays, profiles, features, non-fiction and criticism have appeared in or on Broadsheet, VICE, The Guardian, The Sydney Morning Herald, Gourmet Traveller, Open Skies, The Vine, i-D, The Collective, InStyle, Museum, Dumbo Feather, Desktop and many more. I also write a fortnightly column for SBS Life and regularly contribute to The Sydney Morning Herald’s  Daily Life.

On occasion, I present at writers’ conferences and have appeared at the National Young Writer’s Festival, the Emerging Writer’s Festival, Noted Festival and National Young Writer’s Month. I sometimes work on branded content and copywriting projects and have written and edited print guides to Sydney, Melbourne and Perth as a contributing editor to global lifestyle publisher Urban Walkabout. In 2015, I co-wrote the first-ever Broadsheet Sydney cookbook, published by Pan MacMillan imprint Plum Books.

I grew up in Perth, Western Australia, studied Professional Writing and Cultural Studies at Curtin University, where I graduated with first class honours, and have lived in Mumbai, London and Melbourne. These days, I call Sydney home.

If you have a question or would like to work with me, you can send me an email me at neha [at] nehakale.com or sign up to my TinyLetter for semi-regular dispatches below.

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Profiles, interviews and portraits

David Hallberg // Broadsheet
Ben Quilty on Myuran Sukumaran// Broadsheet
Anish Kapoor // Broadsheet
Kelvin Ho// Broadsheet
Sydney Ball // Broadsheet
Gia Coppola//Broadsheet
Benjamin Lowy// Broadsheet
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John Witzig// VICE
Molly Crabapple// SBS
Alain de Botton// SBS
Melina Marchetta //SBS
Pipilotti Rist // MUSEUM
Nick Cave// VAULT
Grayson Perry// VAULT
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Atong Atem//VAULT
Martino Gamper // VAULT
Dan Perjovschi // VAULT
Kaye Donachie // VAULT
Chicks on Speed X Julian Assange // The Vine
Meghan Daum//Daily Life
Jessica Hopper// Daily Life
Johnny Earle // The Collective
David Goldberg // The Collective
The Broods// The Collective
Jason Atherton//The Collective
Rupi Kaur// The Collective
Will Cotton//The Collective
Jay Alvarez and Alexis Ren // The Collective

Essays, columns and criticism

The Underrated Magic of Walking //SBS Life
What If Our Cities Paid Tribute to Great Women?//SBS Life
The Twisted Logic of ‘Go Back to Where You Came From’//SBS Life
Is It Time We Re-imagined the #Girlboss Movement? //SBS Life
The Problem with ‘Do What You Love’//SBS Life
Why People of Colour Need to Prioritise Self-care//SBS Life
Is Our Obsession with Ethnic Eating a Sign of Cultural Progress?//SBS Life
Choosing Experiences Over Things Doesn’t Make you Morally Superior//Daily Life
In Defence of Female Scruffiness // Daily Life
Can Robots Solve Our Gender Woes?//Daily Life
The Mission to Destroy ‘Becky with the Good Hair’ Misses Beyonce’s Radical Point //Daily Life
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The Myth of Starving Artist Is Starving Us of the Art We Need//Daily Life
How to Hustle Your Way to Success // Daily Life
Is Sex just a Substitute for Talent? // Daily Life
Is The Lunchbox the Perfect Indie Love Story? // Daily Life
How Many Close Friends do we Really Need? // Daily Life
On Our Adult Colouring Book Obsession  // Daily Life
Four Underlying Lessons from ‘Not That Kind of Girl’ // The Vine

Reported features and narrative non-fiction 

In Praise of ’90s Mallrat Summers//VICE
Welcome to Sydney’s Last Ladies-Only Ocean Baths //VICE
Is It Time to Rethink the Australian Dream? // SBS Life
Can Motherhood Make You a Better Artist? //SBS Life
Why We Should Embrace Solitude //SBS Life
Cinema Paradiso // Open Skies
The Rise of Tablet Magazines // The Sydney Morning Herald
Making the Cut// The Collective
Daily Drill // Museum
The Café Modern // Broadsheet
Chasing the White Rabbit // Broadsheet
A Monument within a Sculpture in Japan // Broadsheet
Online Community vs Original Thought // Desktop


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