I’m Neha Kale, a freelance writer and the editor of VAULT  magazine, a print quarterly that explores the most interesting contemporary art and culture from Australia and around the world.

My work mostly focuses on art, culture, people and places and my essays, profiles, features and non-fiction have appeared in or on Broadsheet, VICEThe Sydney Morning Herald,  Open Skies, The Vine, i-D, The Collective, InStyle, Museum, Dumbo Feather, Desktop and many more. I also write a fortnightly column for SBS Life and regularly contribute to The Sydney Morning Herald’s  Daily Life.

On occasion, I present at writers’ conferences and have appeared at the National Young Writer’s Festival, the Emerging Writer’s Festival, Noted Festival and National Young Writer’s Month. I sometimes work on branded content and copywriting projects and have written and edited print guides to Sydney, Melbourne and Perth as a contributing editor to global lifestyle publisher Urban Walkabout. In 2015, I co-wrote the first-ever Broadsheet Sydney cookbook, published by Pan MacMillan imprint Plum Books.

I grew up in Perth, Western Australia, studied Professional Writing and Cultural Studies at Curtin University, where I graduated with first class honours, and have lived in Mumbai, London and Melbourne. These days, I call Sydney home.

If you have a query, you can email me at neha [at] nehakale.com or sign up to my TinyLetter for semi-regular dispatches below.

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Profiles, interviews and portraits

David Hallberg // Broadsheet
Ben Quilty on Myuran Sukumaran// Broadsheet
Anish Kapoor // Broadsheet
Kelvin Ho// Broadsheet
Sydney Ball // Broadsheet
Gia Coppola//Broadsheet
Benjamin Lowy// Broadsheet
Ken Done // Broadsheet
John Witzig// VICE
Molly Crabapple// SBS
Alain de Botton// SBS
Melina Marchetta //SBS
Pipilotti Rist // MUSEUM
Nick Cave// VAULT
Grayson Perry// VAULT
Lisa Yuskavage// VAULT
Atong Atem//VAULT
Martino Gamper // VAULT
Dan Perjovschi // VAULT
Kaye Donachie // VAULT
Chicks on Speed X Julian Assange // The Vine
Meghan Daum//Daily Life
Jessica Hopper// Daily Life
Johnny Earle // The Collective
David Goldberg // The Collective
The Broods// The Collective
Jason Atherton//The Collective
Rupi Kaur// The Collective
Will Cotton//The Collective
Jay Alvarez and Alexis Ren // The Collective

Essays, columns and criticism

The Underrated Magic of Walking //SBS Life
What If Our Cities Paid Tribute to Great Women?//SBS Life
The Twisted Logic of ‘Go Back to Where You Came From’//SBS Life
Is It Time We Re-imagined the #Girlboss Movement? //SBS Life
The Problem with ‘Do What You Love’//SBS Life
Why People of Colour Need to Prioritise Self-care//SBS Life
Is Our Obsession with Ethnic Eating a Sign of Cultural Progress?//SBS Life
Choosing Experiences Over Things Doesn’t Make you Morally Superior//Daily Life
In Defence of Female Scruffiness // Daily Life
Can Robots Solve Our Gender Woes?//Daily Life
The Mission to Destroy ‘Becky with the Good Hair’ Misses Beyonce’s Radical Point //Daily Life
The Airbnb Bias: When Racism Happens in Unexpected Places//Daily Life
The Myth of Starving Artist Is Starving Us of the Art We Need//Daily Life
How to Hustle Your Way to Success // Daily Life
Is Sex just a Substitute for Talent? // Daily Life
Is The Lunchbox the Perfect Indie Love Story? // Daily Life
How Many Close Friends do we Really Need? // Daily Life
On Our Adult Colouring Book Obsession  // Daily Life
Four Underlying Lessons from ‘Not That Kind of Girl’ // The Vine

Reported features and narrative non-fiction 

In Praise of ’90s Mallrat Summers//VICE
Welcome to Sydney’s Last Ladies-Only Ocean Baths //VICE
Is It Time to Rethink the Australian Dream? // SBS Life
Can Motherhood Make You a Better Artist? //SBS Life
Why We Should Embrace Solitude //SBS Life
Cinema Paradiso // Open Skies
The Rise of Tablet Magazines // The Sydney Morning Herald
Making the Cut// The Collective
Daily Drill // Museum
The Café Modern // Broadsheet
Chasing the White Rabbit // Broadsheet
A Monument within a Sculpture in Japan // Broadsheet
Online Community vs Original Thought // Desktop


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