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Image credit: Nicki Chadwick

Image credit: Nikki Chadwick

Sitting at Universal Music’s Sydney headquarters, a concrete-and-glass space dotted with egg-shaped couches and flickering flat screens, it’s impossible not to worry that this charming earnestness is destined to become a casualty of the high corridors of hit making. But in the last 18 months, 20-year-old Georgia’s crystalline voice, which ducks and weaves between multi-instrumentalist brother Caleb’s lush synths, has already helped catapult the pair beyond their wildest dreams.

The latest issue of Renegade Collective, featuring my interview with Georgia and Caleb Nott, the brother-sister duo behind Broods – an indie act whose short but explosive trajectory includes sold-out US shows –  is out at newsagents now. Super-talented and incredibly humble. What’s not to like?


Posted on March 03, 2015

Tags: music