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Required Reading

Beat it, Kerouac. 

Edible weeds

There’s been a lot of discussion about why it took so long for the cult of Terry Richardson to unravel. As always, Molly Lambert’s Grantland analysis – which also attributes American Apparel’s success to the third-wave feminist myth that women have somehow mastered the male gaze – sums it up.

Whether it’s fossicking for sea urchins or uprooting edible weeds, it’s difficult to have a conversation about food culture in Sydney without referencing the foraging trend. Gillian Osborne’s brilliant essay Stone-Age Nostalgia links the rarefied foraged creations we might find ourselves eating at Copenhagen’s Noma (if we can get a table) to a longing for the ecological past.

I’ve been really enjoying Anne Helen Peterson’s writing on Buzzfeed  lately. Jennifer Lawrence and the History of Cool Girls, which traces the evolution of the cool girl trope, is a great place to start.

What is it about getting a glimpse into people’s routines that’s so fascinating? It’s difficult to shake off the voyeuristic thrill of Waiting for Saturday and the Morning After section of Adult magazine. The latter is also home to killer first-person writing that riffs on modern-day sexuality.

Alice Gregory nails it.

Gabby Bess guest-edits Dazed and echoes a long-held belief: that a copy of On The Road is the world’s most effective douchebag radar.

Posted by Neha Kale on July 30th, 2014