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  1. Linda Jackson

    First published in BROAD magazine, March 2017.  Linda Jackson can see into the future. Although the iconic artist and fashion designer, who made a generation fall in love with the dazzling shades and dramatic shapes of the Australian landscape, came of age decades before we trawled Instagram for inspiration, she’s long believed that the images […]

  2. Fernanda Ly: A Change of Face

    The models we fall in love with are a powerful barometer of the times we live in. Back in the ’60s, Twiggy and Jean Shrimpton – all gamine, wide-eyed and clad in curve-cancelling shift dresses – signalled a culture that was wising up to the lure of androgyny and the power of women’s liberation. In […]

  3. Pauline van Dongen: Fashion’s New Frontier

    First published in VAULT magazine, November 2015.   For Dutch fashion designer Pauline van Dongen, technology, science and form are irrevocably intertwined.  The digital age often miscasts the practical and the beautiful as polar opposites as if an accessory’s usefulness makes it intrinsically ugly or an object’s elegance confines it to your coffee table. Our […]

  4. Making the cut

    First published in Renegade Collective, April 2015.  To sit front row at an Alice McCall runway show is to understand that those who dismiss fashion as frivolous radically underestimate the power of fantasy. During Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Australia (MBFWA) last year, the London-born designer, who got her start when Kate Moss started championing her range […]

  5. Wear to next?

    First published in Renegade Collective, February 2015 The fashion world reserves an unwritten code for those it deems the Next Big Thing. Show the kind of obsession with your craft that precludes sleep, outside interests or time for family and friends. Be gracious enough to bask in the glory but know that the forces that […]

  6. In the raw with G-Star’s Shubhankar Ray

    First published in Vault issue 7, August 2014  New York Fashion Week, an event that owes its existence to the power of spectacle, is the last place you’d expect to see the ghost of Guy Debord. But when Dennis Hopper recited Rudyard Kipling’s poem “If” during a 2008 show by Dutch denim label G-Star RAW, […]

  7. Editorial Coverage – Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Australia

    Vanishing Elephant – MBFWA 2013 Collection Review At a glance: Marked by irreverent styling and crisp execution, Vanishing Elephant’s fashion week debut proves that the five-year-old brand has come of age. Signature detail: The jumper knotted around the waist – an iteration of a nineties trend that’s destined for big things. Style might be invisible […]

  8. We Are Handsome

    Published in Style Seekers, October 2012 It started with an image. A picture of a girl on a rooftop in a lion-emblazoned one-piece against the washed-out blue of a summer sky. Going viral days after it reached the internet, the photograph sparked a curiosity about the picture’s creators as well as the swimsuit that somehow […]