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Tag: journalism

  1. Michael Armitage in The Saturday Paper.

    The Kenyan painter Michael Armitage makes ravishing paintings of everyday life in Nairobi. Past and the present, heroes and villains meet in pictures that recall Goya as seen through an especially painterly kaleidoscope. I profiled Armitage for The Saturday Paper while he was in Sydney for his show The Promised Land a couple of months […]

  2. Daily Drill

      If Keef, who makes the kind of hedonistic party music that could soundtrack the apocalypse and is regularly arrested for weapons charges, represents the tension between authenticity and bankability that’s as old as hip-hop itself, then Herb, whose acclaimed recent mixtape Welcome to Fazoland ⎯ named for a dead friend ⎯ tempers bleak portraits […]

  3. In the raw with G-Star’s Shubhankar Ray

    First published in Vault issue 7, August 2014  New York Fashion Week, an event that owes its existence to the power of spectacle, is the last place you’d expect to see the ghost of Guy Debord. But when Dennis Hopper recited Rudyard Kipling’s poem “If” during a 2008 show by Dutch denim label G-Star RAW, […]

  4. Monkey see, monkey do

    First published in Renegade Collective, issue 13, August 2014 In Silicon Valley, success is a byword for sacrifice.  The Northern Californian postcode might be home to technology companies that have toppled entire industries but it owes its mythical status to the way it fosters an extreme brand of ambition, where achieving an entrepreneurial vision comes […]

  5. Tackling the Taboo

    Published in Broadsheet July 2014 Sydney artist Meg Minkley hopes to change the conversation about sexual violence, one drawing at a time. For Meg Minkley, drawing is as much spiritual lifeline as it is a form of self-expression. When this Sydney artist and illustrator was raped by a hostel owner while travelling in Mexico a […]