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  1. Akin to greatness

    First published in Broadsheet, Spring print issue, September 2014  You may not know it, but if you’ve got even a passing interest in fashion in this country, you’ve experienced Kelvin Ho’s work. From Dion Lee’s first store in the Strand Arcade, to A.P.C.’s Melbourne outpost and dozens of spaces between, Ho has shaped the way […]

  2. Daily Drill

    First published in Museum magazine Issue 1 September 2014 In a hip-hop landscape packed with commercial appropriations of ghetto life, Chicago’s trigger-fingered drill scene – which emerged somewhere near 2010 and exploded into the mainstream shortly after – still strikes a deathly chord. Drill rattled through my bones before it reached my ears, hijacking the well-tuned frequency […]

  3. Daily Drill

      If Keef, who makes the kind of hedonistic party music that could soundtrack the apocalypse and is regularly arrested for weapons charges, represents the tension between authenticity and bankability that’s as old as hip-hop itself, then Herb, whose acclaimed recent mixtape Welcome to Fazoland ⎯ named for a dead friend ⎯ tempers bleak portraits […]