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  1. Why don’t cool, young filmmakers create ethnically diverse movies?

    First published in Daily Life, August 21, 2014  The only thing worse than being jolted out of a dream is the moment you realise that it’s devolved into a nightmare. In Palo Alto – a movie where washed-out colours, fleeting moments and a bittersweet soundtrack by Blood Orange’s Dev Hynes conjure a sense of teenage listlessness that feels […]

  2. The Kids Today in Palo Alto

    Haunting, dreamlike and evocative, Palo Alto is a wasted-youth narrative for the Tumblr generation. We speak with filmmaker Gia Coppola about fate, family pressure and finding an artistic outlet for teenage angst. In the creative challenge stakes, finding your voice and mustering the courage to use it is up there with practicing your craft while […]