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  1. Clare Milledge: Searching for meaning amid the mess

    First published in VAULT magazine, July 2015  We live in a world that reserves a special affection for clear-cut borders and shiny surfaces but Clare Milledge is rekindling my suspicion that mess is the stuff of life. When the artist, whose process-based installations knit together everything from glass paintings, textiles and sculpture to costumes, video […]

  2. Jessica Hopper: An insider’s guide to being a female rock critic

    First published in Daily Life, June 2015 Jessica Hopper knows that few things sting as much as the pain of self-erasure. In her 2005 essay “You’re Reliving All Over Me: Dinosaur Junior Reunites,” the trailblazing music journalist recounts an adolescent encounter that’s become a soul-destroying rite of passage for brilliant teenage girls. “I’d hung out […]

  3. Houzz proud

    First published in the December issue of Renegade Collective magazine  There are three things that Adi Tatarko believes in. The co-founder of Houzz, the explosive online platform credited with disrupting the US$300 billion home remodelling industry, knows that reconciling the needs of a six-month old baby and two young children with those of an online business that commands […]

  4. Akin to greatness

    First published in Broadsheet, Spring print issue, September 2014  You may not know it, but if you’ve got even a passing interest in fashion in this country, you’ve experienced Kelvin Ho’s work. From Dion Lee’s first store in the Strand Arcade, to A.P.C.’s Melbourne outpost and dozens of spaces between, Ho has shaped the way […]

  5. Baking New Ground

    First published in Renegade Collective, March 2014  In a world that often equates work with drudgery, it’s easy to overlook the things that feel like play. But for Johnny Earle, the founder and CEO of Johnny Cupcakes – a left-field T-shirt empire that matches its obsession with pop culture with a reverence for baked goods […]

  6. Table for Two

    There’s a point in every writer’s life when they question whether they’re on the right path. For Terry Durack, it was a story about a fine dining encounter in France’s Alsace region, submitted to US food bible Gourmet and returned, rejected and unread. “I scrunched the whole page up, threw it in the bin and […]

  7. Substance Over Style

    Published in Style Seekers, November 2012  Sibella Court’s endlessly inspiring interiors are a perfect blend of imagination, detail and story. Sometimes, our obsession with the perfect is precisely what holds us back. Too often, we cast aside flaws and rough surfaces in favour of a glossy reality that’s best left to the pages of a […]

  8. We Are Handsome

    Published in Style Seekers, October 2012 It started with an image. A picture of a girl on a rooftop in a lion-emblazoned one-piece against the washed-out blue of a summer sky. Going viral days after it reached the internet, the photograph sparked a curiosity about the picture’s creators as well as the swimsuit that somehow […]

  9. Funkis

    Good design strikes you when you see it. Whether you’re looking at the graphic colourbursts of a Marimekko cushion, a sculptural Le Klint lampshade or an artful pair of clogs, it sparks a lightning-bolt moment of recognition that’s impossible to forget. Carina Enstrom Gibb agrees. Enstrom Gibb is the founder of funkis, a lifestyle retailer […]