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In praise of imperfect heroines


Frances Ha

There’s a scene in Frances Ha, a 2013 film written by Noah Baumbach and Greta Gerwig, where the title character runs gawkily through the streets of New York to David Bowie’s “Modern Love.” Frances, a 27-year old aspiring dancer who believes that her best friend Sophie is the love of her life, has just spent a night drinking whiskey with new friends at a low-key party: the kind of meandering night that makes you feel like your inner and outer worlds are completely aligned. There are many things to love about this film – including its portrayal of female friendship as both complicated and transformative and its ability to capture the weightlessness of being in your twenties – but the way it frames being led by your feelings as an achievement is my favourite thing of all.


Posted by Neha Kale on July 6th, 2014