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Angles + shapes + geos + space

April 23, 2013

Published in Broadsheet

If artistic exploration is about the unknown, then geometry – with its sharp edges and measurable angles – might seem its antithesis. But if you visit the latest exhibition by Sydney artist Criena Court, you’d be inclined to disagree. Angles + shapes + geos + space, which opened at the Robin Gibson Gallery in Darlinghurst last week, explores the way that we can use geometry as a praxis for understanding ourselves.

Court’s mixed-media works map the relationship between geometry and nature by juxtaposing pastel-coloured triangles and hexagons against wide, pixelated landscapes. Her figure + nature series sees a constellation of shapes stand in for the human form, exploring the part these shapes play in our experiences of the world.

Bold and strangely disquieting, you won’t look at a protractor the same way again.

Posted on April 23, 2013

Tags: art, review