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The Angry Fix

May 10, 2013

There’s a faintly dystopian air to the part of Regent Street between Cleveland and Broadway. This pocket of Sydney is a postcard-perfect slice of urban decay, a strip of boarded-up facades and abandoned warehouses that hints that something subversive might be brewing just below the surface.

It comes as little surprise that this stretch of Chippendale is home to The Angry Fix, a cafe that blends caffeine obsession with a beat poet sensibility. Although the Angry Fix might be named for Ginsberg’s Howl, there’s no room here for the writer’s high-maintenance leanings – it’s all about a lo-fi vibe, interesting paninis and excellent single origin coffee by local roasters Numero Uno.

At the Angry Fix, no ristretto is complete without a choice side of reading material. The cafe plays host to limited edition volumes by overseas art stars and cult design magazines such as It’s Nice That.

Park yourself under the giant Matterhorn mural, pore over some Ryan McGinley photography and plot your next revolution.

Posted on May 10, 2013

Tags: art, food, design